horse of souls

do right, do good
very righteous, uncontrollable
in this proud moment
of attacks with cutlery
face to face with the crisis
the toxic culture
the ‘pay today and tuesday!’
face to face with luxury degenerating in need
with big disasters
with the role of rude cole in all deaths
and embrace the truth, dude:
there are more urgent things to address
than that



(the difficult job
of making choices:
eat a kebab
or dump the ashes?)

avoid looking at the bleeding gap in your brain
ignore the pain
sit still and have a beer
watch some tv with your offspring
tonight another brutal premiere
the soaps are the real thing
you know the drill

it will not change the grand theft:
there’ll be nothing left
in your will


it seems so easy to kill in Minnesota

one preserves a body
nice and icy
in its frozen lakes
and then go to quietly drink
a strawberry milkshake

people seem kind
houses seem cozy
white gardens seem safe

it’s a dignified life
at the frozen lakes
of Minnesota state



i will tell you this one thing (a secret from the bottom of within)

[always on the same key, the artist proposes the unexpected and composes the unusual]

i’m not a good person
not bad either
filled with guilt for not being simply good
i wake up to drag my head around the room

look at this defeated sink, filth of life – coffee!
several acts (fast, sweaty) unroll off my body (like silk stockings)
left & (a)social (i lie my pains)
i’m just the (guilty) misery of a huge ego

yes, greater my love than my belly
and i eat language every day (many day a’more)
my cursor pulses (alive and loud)

but we’ll soon depart again
but our skins are stuck together
like ashes fixed with hairspray
(the love song ‘You&I’ hugely successful this summer)

we’ll soon depart and i sing my ambiguous howl
and repeat it endlessly
neither good nor bad
without waiting for praise or attention
all i want is this



hot pool

so much descant at all corners
six seconds too late, see
the fast moon threw us all creeping

such beauty in life: a sigh, a sob
winwinwin – try is not be!

love, money, work, a snug home –
what’s your future? reveal rejoice revere redo!

and the creator, as a parent – is just a creator?
and the reality – is it the spoken word – wobbly foam?



with a fork nailed to the neck (and 3 more regretful kilos), my huge mouth full of words that i can not spit (and I am free to ignore it), full of bites (like what – blame the poor guy who stole my plate?!), with the color of old, flown dust (where is the lady, the powerful cherry?), inconsistent, disproportionate in the cacophony (before, i bled every month; now it bleeds me), i do hope for the end of the day

but if the future does not pass fast, enthusiasm and hope – they will not pass either (next monday i’ll sit at some point to see if i forget this stagnation)



dear whomever finds this bottle,

the skies are building up again and i’ll shatter before the glass carrying these words.
not pain, cold, hunger, but understanding will free me to smithereens. at least our knowledge was good for that: dust to dust. no, not your god: we did it.
ours the burden.

and conscious

for @tvansantana 55 words



the mutation was too quick. johnny saw his hands lighten up and vibrate, uncontrolled. the room filled with images and words and sounds, turning around something – his head?! a bulb, light everywhere, his serpentine body with serpentine members, and all dizzy!!
then he saw the screen where his unfinished text wa


for @tvansantana 55 words



when the committee entered the hangar everybody went silent. the four people (mom, dad, überkontroller, masterscientscent) took their places under the highfylodge and proceeded to call our names, mine came up soon enough. apparently there was a new research, me and 135 of our siblings would be frozen, 164 sprinkled, 479 heyroketted, and 1048 ablanthebranched.


for @tvansantana 55 words