our internet in ether
hallowed be thy name
give us our kingdom right now
and yours will be done
on earth as it is in heavens
give us our daily info
and forgive us our governments
as we also have forgiven them
and will, forever and ever
lead us not into passivity
but help us get rid of all the fascists



abraçando o lobo

aqui a cólera da poeta
toda força e violência de sua bílis
uma fúria ácida e azeda
uma ânsia por palavras
girando o mundo
virando vômito, um jato em linha reta
com cãibras de indignação
e dores intra-venais

pobre poeta tomou o veneno imortal
do anseio e ambição de ser poeta

a morte jamais a perdoará
a vida nunca a esquecerá



hugging wolfs

and here’s the poet’s rageits violent strength
the bile, the acidic fury
the sour craving for words
turning the world, turning around
turning all into a straight jet, a word’s vomit
with indignant cramps and intra-venal pain

poor poet
took the immortal poison
of the desire and ambition
to be a poet

death will never forgive her
life will never forget her



i bloomed sophistication and elegance in three rhymes:

  • when one side of my face begins, the other is already done
  • i remember all things now but what i am is forever gone
  • my creativity is aggressive, a masterpiece at lunch time