i want to be loved or deceived i’ll be your trained naïve 2015


winter übersale the nice thing of life are happy kids there’s one singing out loud outside my window the hysterical … More

meus livros

  poesia e desenhos: contentíssima em caconde, 2014 cavalo das almas, 2016 editora patuá  

love wave that calls and crests me, navegracious almost not fatal (for me) 2015


on the dry dirt too the sun comes to get light in your eyes and there, also the sea that’s … More


‘buy agnostic mugs, t-shirts and magnets’


on life online a melotheatre, a movie script millions of intact, virgin traumas again and always the first pain a … More


my desire is really weird it never wants what i need even if officially reasoned included in the requirement dated, … More