bare thoughts get wrinkled

with a mess of dishes to wash
my other self’s lost
still full of wishes
now time and space
(younger and younger
than i’ll ever be)
will take care of stuff

on and on i go
too busy to bother
to answer to needs
that i don’t care
yet they are there
all gray matter
colouring life’s material
flowers, patterns
routines – all fragile
as the skin of my hands


short story

a poor human is trapped
at the core of an airport square

seashells long to be sand
sand longs to be a treasure
not salt – what is already

particles need gifts for service rendered:
the dissolution of souls in our uni-



wounded at the end of delight


i agree: no aggression – it’s explosive
destructive, cuts our growth short
burns our bones, libraries, labs
kills our seeds, our free kids
hate it’s no ground for life to shine
it’s death of the mind and the heart


what is lost with age, in addition to time?

missing chance

i turned a corner and the current caught me

my life goes from monday to monday
without other days or delays
meanwhile so many people without teeth
no hair to comb, no eye to see
so much old and dormant misery

in the movies, in the theater, on TV –
the people are dressed as they should be
but i – when i’m alone i forget to sleep
i forget bathing and the sun, forget to eat
i become a monster wrapped in itself
a biting thing that does not even feel
with short salaries and large debts – debts, peoplee!

things are hot around here
a lot of particles fluttering in the air
every friction producing pain
while i drink brandy

i’m being depressed under bright colours – i, pioneer
(that was before, now i’m only a pion)
painfully left over and blowing the wounds
of this insane monster of my own


(“The proton and the neutron are baryons; the electron, the muon, and the neutrino are leptons; whilst the pions are mesons.”)