2013: indígene-se  

  art is the ether of meaning we live for the others those who trace life organically people who live … More


6_men in suits and armours the abductation was not painless. silly saw her hands and feet lighten up and vibrate … More


  5_glitchinsight the Profit Prophet’s spoken words of vermouth: ‘come me boys ‘n loot!’ “well, where are your notes then?” … More


4_adding to the losses musicians turn the corner, six of them, towards us. the clarinet boy’s like a long skinny … More


3_that our default? all it took was eye_contact. it happened just after the group’s furniture broken_dance in the building. i … More


2_bads_not_goods i suddenly remember a girl at my young_school. she had long, beautiful blond hair, her eyebrows also blond – … More


1_van zante’s peasants i stand at the wall and look through the hole, down the slow, sunny hill. the city … More