mirta demare 2017

ARCHI-STRUCTURES from 23-04-2017 till 04-06-2017  Opening: 23-04-2017, 16:00 -> 18:00 hrs works by Renata de Andrade and Jorge Franco  show the beauty and … More


12_damage extent of th rabs saw the bearded man disappear under the triangular rock that moved, closing the subterranean passage. … More

#azzajono y_our neo_ primaeval folletín 1. newspaper serial; soap opera; TV serial; radio serial; serial gif 2. drama; saga  


11_fertilising events for ever 🎶 those easy steps we take running down the mountain forever times so many times were … More


10_♪[heartfelt instrumental music]♪ silly woke up on a stage_bed in a great, round room. everything around was very clean, she … More

#azzajono: endless like the universe within an atom

and beyond

there’s a gene in the human genius that turns us all into gullible deviants lotsa pain’n’pleasure scratching the wound again’n’again’n’again … More


9_nocturnal absorption x daytime expulsion drew, i don’t know where i’m gonna find you. the glitch has touched me somehow, … More


8_starquake strike prep when the committee entered the demi_aula everybody went silent. four solemn people (mistah, proxy_mommy, überkontroller, master_scientscent) took … More