return no longer come back or more words or post this and connect just a smooth circle now rerunning itself … More

coda the women of tierra del fuego, weak and settled into cattle. naked old women, useless and even weaker, eaten … More

ducking duties i’ve wronged myself and many it’s a great debt but what is wrong is the guilt not the … More

mirta demare 2017

ARCHI-STRUCTURES from 23-04-2017 till 04-06-2017  Opening: 23-04-2017, 16:00 -> 18:00 hrs works by Renata de Andrade and Jorge Franco  show the beauty and … More

#azzajono y_our neo_ primaeval folletín 1. newspaper serial; soap opera; TV serial; radio serial; serial gif 2. drama; saga  

#azzajono: endless like the universe within an atom

  art is the ether of meaning we live for the others those who trace life organically people who live … More

we got here because we got lost in the dream of this morning, alone, the two of us young, vibrant … More

“i’ll therefore stop writing random numbers!” “yeah, for the umpteenth time!”